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Suwaidi Pearl Farm
Before Oil in The Gulf…

Many years ago before discovering oil in the Arabian Gulf. Many families in the Gulf region were intrinsically linked to the history of Pearling era dating back to the 12th & 13th century. The relationship between Pearls and the Gulf stretches back thousands of years, and for centuries, nomadic traders, herdsmen and fishermen roamed the shores of the Gulf, becoming skilled and knowledgeable about the Pearls. The occasional prize of discovering a beautiful pearl became an obsession and trading began inland as early as the Neolithic period.

The Rise of The Suwaidi Pearl Farm

Established in 2004, the Suwaidi Cultured Pearl farm opened its doors to visitors for the first time to offer exclusive tours of the premises.

I’m honoured to see today Suwaidi Pearls Farm is carrying forward the legacy and through innovation, we have proven that these beautiful gems can revive our history and take its place in the global market. Our Pearls Farm in Al Rams, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE boasts thousands of Oysters and Pearls and we have built a platform in order to create the perfect utilization of our available resources and raw materials. 

Abdulla Al Suwaidi’s Family were intrinsically linked to the history of pearling era in the Gulf, dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries, and belonging to the Julfar dynasty, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. The family background traces back to life in the Gulf region that has been entwined with the jewel of the ocean for over 7000 years. His ancestors carried on with pearling for generations leading finally to the 20th century with his grandfather Mohammed Bin Abdulla Al-Suwaidi as being one of the last remaining pearl divers of the Al Suwaidi legacy.

Visiting The Pearl Farm

When you go to the farm you will have the chance to enjoy being in nature with a magnificent view of Jabel Jais mountain in the backdrop.

Your trip will start in the local port of Rams, Ras Al Khaimah. Packed with hundreds of small fishing boats, every day early morning they go out to the sea to bring fresh fish to the Ras Al Khaimah market.

What to expect when you get there:

  1. Visiting the Pearl Farm (introduction to nature, pearl farming history, culture, and innovation).
  2. Oyster opening experience: you will have the chance to chose an Oyster from the water tank, and witness the oyster being opened in front of you if you are lucky you will see a beautiful pearl.
  3. Pearl diving: see the old traditional ways of diving with no modern equipment dive to the bottom of the sea to collect an Oyster.
  4. Kayaking: Suwaidi Farm also offers Kayaking experience option around the natural mangrove forest (subject to booking in advance).
  5. Touring the mangroves: the farm is in the middle of the sea and before you visit the farm you will have the chance to sail around the natural mangrove forest. See some camel farms on the land and Flamingos birds relaxing in nature and if you are lucky you might see some turtles swimming beside you.
  6. Traditional Lunch: (optional for 50 Dhs pp) provided by local Emirati families from the village.

The prices:

  • The price is 300 AED per person without food ( less than 7 people)
  • Group bookings for 7+ people will be 250 AED per person.
  • Children who are older than 10 years and younger than 16 years old will be charged half of the adult’s price.
  • Children younger than 10 years old are free of charge.

Optional: Additional charge of 50 AED per person for food and beverages.

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